Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
22 September, 02:00
Man Has Been Storing #Rainwater Since #UK’s Worst #Drought Problem Back In 1976 https://www.trueactivist.c...
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
24 August, 02:42
John Burke @johnburke
16 August, 02:46
Rex Murphy: Liberal ineptitude reaches a new low with the great passport drought
The government solution to this travesty? Order chairs for the block-long lineups
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
13 August, 05:03
WORLDWIDE #DROUGHTS FOR THE GREAT RESET! - The #WEF Agenda To "Financialize" Droughts & #Carbon Credits
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
03 August, 06:52
How To Thrive In An Age Of #Drought And #Deluge https://thewashingtonstand...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
26 July, 06:57
#Ranchers Selling Off #Cattle In Unprecedented Numbers Due To #Drought – Enormous Implications For 2023 - #GoOrganic buy #Organic - http://endoftheamericandre...
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
17 May, 07:58
Video: Pastor Bryan Denlinger: #Bible Point #maine , #BabyFormula , & Severe #Drought
Robert Smith @res416
20 March, 11:40
Megadrought Rocks America's Breadbasket: Hot, Dry Conditions Headed to Heartland
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
28 December, 04:24
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
29 October, 04:16
Here we go again...

AOC: "By 2038, current U.S. drought, fire, and extreme heat trends could potentially make whole regions of the United States unlivable."
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
03 October, 08:25
The drought in North Dakota is so severe that the 130 year old remains of a ship that no one ever knew was there has been exposed due to the recession of their portion of the Missouri river.
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
25 July, 04:08
More fishing closures going into place as Colorado rivers run warm, low - https://www.thedenverchann...
16 June, 09:50
Green New Deal: California To Cut Off Water Supply Over Drought — After Dumping Trillions of Gallons of Freshwater Into Ocean!

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