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Disney Aborting Itself: Approval Already Dropped 40 Points, Now They're Offering to Pay Abortion Costs via@WestJournalism

GOP Target Companies Paying Employees Travel Costs for Abortions
Some of the biggest companies in the U.S., including Apple, Disney, Nike, Starbucks and Meta, have confirmed plans to extend their health care benefits or provide additional support offering to pay for necessary travel costs after the landmark abortion ruling was thrown out on June 24.

Disney works to push a "not-at-all-secret gay agenda" and seeks to add "queerness" to its programming, according to executive producer Latoya Raveneau. Parents should keep that in mind before deciding whether to take their kids to see "Lightyear," which hits theaters this week.

📺 Disney Cast Member Tell-All: Why Disney Is Grooming Kids?

Disney Releases LGBTQ Pride-Themed Toys Marketed to Children

I was posting this meme on social media, 3+ years ago. And now, with the recent exposure of Disney and the left wanting to groom children for sex, the time has come to choose a side. It is, in fact, unavoidable.

Deuteronomy 18:10-12 & Corinthians 11:14. I AM TOTALLY AGAINST PEDOPHILES Mark 9:42. God loves the LGBTQ people. What I am going to say is out of love NOT hate. Repent of you sins Matthew 3:2, believe & have faith in Christ you will be saved Ephesians 2:8-9

New LEAKED Video Shows Disney CEO GROVEL in Front of Employees - YouTube

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos everyday. New footage from the all-hands meeting at Disney shows CEO Bob Chapek respondi...

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