Dinesh D'Souza
How to watch “2000 Mules” this weekend. It’s on two un-cancellable platforms http://2000Mules.locals.com and http://SalemNow.com. DVDs also available at http://SalemNow.com

I am currently in the middle of watching "2000 Mules'" on FawkesNewsUSA's JoshWho TV channel. If you like what you see, be sure to join JoshWho TV today, and subscribe to FawkesNewsUSA's channel.

#2000mules #DineshDSouza #documentary #fawkesnewsusa #getonjoshwhotv


Is This the 2020 Election Fraud PROOF That We Have All Been Waiting For? #DineshDSouza

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I've been pushing this for years: let's begin movement to get conservative billionaires to buy all mainstream media outlets. What do you say? #CNN #crappynewsnetwork #FakeNews #reclaimthenarrative #outlawthednc #endteflonfordems #purgeallrinos

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