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I appeal to the Saints of God & Christ, all Independent Baptists, Independent Grace Believers, Non Denominational Believers such as I am, and all those who love Religious Liberty regardless of what faith and Political Freedom
They attacked and slandered viciously those who believe in the rapture, they are suppose to be for religious Liberty! Here is my response from their post on USA Life and:
To accuse us of "disobeying God" IS EVIL AND SATANIC!

see part 2

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In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

Part 2
Issue: attacking #religious #Liberty especially MY and others #ReligiousLiberty , #SATANIC & #Luciferian attacks on people like me (I am Non Denominational), Independent #Baptists , Independent #Grace Believers who believe in a Pre-Tribulation #Rapture , if they could, just like their #Protestant , #RomanCatholic & #EasternOrthodox brothers would burn us at the stake! I will PROVE that later! We get attacked by them more than the Left! Also we get mocked when mention "Deep State" they say there is NO #DeepState , the #Rothschilds do not run the world, etc. and they mock us!

A GREAT SPEECH - Let’s Hope it’s not a prelude to the return of dispensational denominational religious heresy ruling the West but an encouragement to grow in God’s Word!

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Jeff Hertzog

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