Dem Flips! Exposes Massive Voter Fraud, Implicates Famous Democrats

Democrats Have Hidden a 'Blatant Handout' to Labor Unions Inside Their $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan via@WestJournalism

Moderate House Democrats Threaten Biden and Pelosi’s Medicare Drug Cost “Negotiating” Plan

In response Bernice Halbert to her Publication

Poor kid. Demon entities are everywhere. They could've attached themselves to him before or after going off to college, just not manifesting until later. How horrible he must've felt when he realized what he'd done. 3 people dead by his hand, clearly not of his mind. Needs constant visits by priests to cast the demons out & back to hell. Bless his heart.

Sarah Silverman Calls For National Divorce Between Republicans And Democrats

San Antonio Democrats Triggered By Pro-choice Vaccine Billboards Promoting Informed Consent

Sirens Blaring At Democratic Headquarters As Black Woman Expresses Unapproved Opinion

Leftists Foolishly Mock God In Latest Demonic Exercise

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