IMO, and I was very disappointed when Kyle dissed Lin Wood. Lin was not the one who ripped Kyle off it was that ambulance chasing scumbag (I categorize him on the same level as Benjamin Crump) John Pierce. Kyle could have had the best defamation lawyer in the land..

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg Opens Herself Up For Defamation Lawsuit After Calling Rittenhouse “Murderer”

or check out this one.
Rittenhouse could have potential defamation case against Biden over White supremacist tweet, expert says, I say SUE

Ex-‘Apprentice’ contestant Summer Zervos drops defamation suit against Trump

#KyleRittenhouse Should Sue All These Media Outlets For Defamation

Former Albanian President Sues Secretary of State Blinken for Defamation – Cites Connections to Soros | Details ⤵️

Devin Nunez Accuses Esquire Of Defamation, ‘Known Left Wing Assassin’ After Him

Bannon: "The Communist Chinese Party Did" Steal The Election
State Rep Resigns Her Seat After Seeing Fraud Evidence At Cyber Symposium
Dominion Not Suing For Defamation, They’re Suing Over They’re I

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