It's a disgrace & shameful that Bradlee Dean is very arrogant & condescending person to Christians! Very judgmental & fault finding person, black & white thinking. Boasts about himself like for an example of how the black church Christians would say "Bring it down brother Dean" Admiration seeking.
Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before the fall;
Jesus Christ never acted like Bradlee Dean does. Bradlee Dean has self-deception thinking he is the man of God. When Bradlee Dean talks he doesn't have the fruit of the Holy Spirit
Galatians 5:22-23
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance, Self Control

Bradlee Dean - Sons Of Liberty Part 1
I only post this video below for info purposes on the Government. This is NOT a Biblical Christian Ministry at all Be Careful this is spiritual abuse He is not a man of God. Jesus Christ never acted like Bradlee Dean. Bradlee Dean has self-deception thinking he is the man of God.
Bradlee Dean also thinks that Jesus is his brother. Bradlee Dean is a false teacher!
2 Corinthians 11:14 Devil transformed to angel of the light
So Bradlee Dean destroys the person's faith.
Bradlee Dean is not humble at all.
Romans 16:17
“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.

'Not Real Christians', Kosher Jesus, & Kabbalah Conspiracy ADMITTED! - Know More News LIVE w/ Adam Green

- Odysee -

- Bitchute -

#Goyim #Deception #subvert #christianity #ISLAM #controlled -Opposition #Sham #lies #Israel #zionism #Jews #judaism #world -GOVERNMENT #NWO #2030 #belt -road #Greater -Israel

The Lunar Lander - Moon Landing Fraud and NASA Money sink scam

NASA's Laughable Apollo Lunar Lander's-Laughable-Apollo-Lunar-Lander:2

The Lunar Lander "Antonio Subirats" - psalm19

#fraud #scam #lies #Deception #cultofscience
#space #Gravity #BALL #globe #readandrepeat #NASA

- Earth is a Flat Non rotating Plane Realm
- Space is fake and gay

Here We Go...Pfizer CEO Announces Need For 4th Booster Against Covid - Massive #Deception ! | Report ⬇️

Home » International » 7 fake news stories from Ukraine where people gardened with open eyes

Most of the stories about the Russian military operation in Ukraine are fake. In many cases this involves deliberate deception aimed at provoking a response.

Follow the money! #corruption #Deception #lies #pandemic

University That Funds Biden's Think Tank And Hosts Has Contract With BioNTech, Gets Paid For Vaccine Sales And FDA Approvals | Full Report ⬇️

I don't support the State , State Courts or State Government

State Police are organized armed order ENFORCERS for the NWO 2030 , UN, Corporations, central banks and State Government
which are funded via tax cattle money

Their job is to CONTROL the tax cattle
to make sure the goyim don't reject Federal Governance Slavery System
and do an armed revolt against their kike slave master puppets in power


#statism #Order -enforcers #corrupt #lies #Deception #force #government #Police #assault -weapon #Gun -violence #NWO #tax -Cattle #Goyim #2030

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Who are Americans ?

White American

Is any region compatible with Freedom
and Nationalism ?

Can you have FREEDOM while you have
- Agenda 21
- World Central Banking Cartel
- Thief (taxation)
- Mass Murder (War/Abortion)
- Multi National Corporations
- Society based on lies,deception, corruption ?

Where was the science behind the lockdowns? I told you so doesn't even begin to tell you how deceived many people still are, not only regarding this, but on so many other issues regarding this "pandemic". I hope God will keep opening people's eyes to the massive deception going on!

Johns Hopkins study concludes that lockdowns had little effect on mortality rates during the pandemic | Report ⬇️

Very simple to support uncensored unrestricted free Speech

Allow Everyone to openly talk about
* Race
* Region
* Culture
* IQ
* Gender
and expose the corruption, lies and deception

Nothing should be PROTECTED
or any group excluded from Criticism

No historical event in history should be `protected` or prevented from
* Discussion
* Debate
* Debunking
* Disbelieving

You know what groups are actually in control of your
* Nation
* Community
* Hobby
By those areas you cant critise & openly debate and disagree with

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