California's Santa Cruz County mandates mask-wearing in private homes

RESTORE THE MILITIA! #restorethemilitia Stop Sitting on the Sidelines!

America if you REALLY, REALLY WANT TO SAVE THIS ONCE GREAT NATION! It has to start #LOCAL , #County LEVEL! Take the time, I will have these 2 videos on my website up 2 more days then I have to move on with other issues, take the time and study, take notes, it takes work, there are 2 videos regarding this

California County Orders Residents to Wear Masks Inside Homes
Orange County 💙🖤 Ongoing ..

Police continue to chase vehicle through parts of Orange and LA counties - YouTube

SkyFOX is back live over a police chase in the Norwalk area.

SkyFOX over pursuit in Orange County - YouTube

SkyFOX is live over a pursuit in Orange County where the suspect is driving on the wrong side of the 5 freeway.

Get busy this weekend & get involved in Saving #America starting at the #County Level by going to my website those 2 videos will be up this weekend for the last time, after Turkey Day, they are going down so now it is time to get to work and don't forget Radio America USA


In response Robert Smith to his Publication

LOL L.A.'s so off the rails. No other county in the state is doing what they are with mask mandates, vaxx proof cards, etc. We went to Santa Barbara a week ago & most shops required masks, but not if sampling their wares or eating meals...which is present in most shops. Of course, that's not L.A. county, but what L.A. does, most of the coast does, too.

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