Joe Biden sits through Mass, then lives as a lost soul. Not born from above, can't be trusted.

Praying for his salvation, against his policies. He is a power-hungry Communist at heart, so praying he fails at everything he tries.

Proverbs 28:2-5

The "Communist" States of America

Can you guess what's the main reason for this crackdown? | REPORT ⬇️

Anti-American Attacks #Constitutional #Sheriff & #Preacher As “Unconstitutional,” Promoting “Insurrectionism,” “White Supremacism” (Video) he is calling Good Evil and Vice Versa! My Opinion, needs to be arrested for being a #Fascist & #Communist ! #DemandCapitalPunishment - his name Cory Allen Heidelberger at the #Dakota Free Press (DFP) - here is the article

RED ALERT EMERGENCY: Joe Biden Tells the Biggest Lie of all Time While Working for Chinese Communists

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

We all know President Brandon does not nominate these Communist. Without question it's the Muslim terrorist Obama and his side kick Jarett

Great Day For America!

Five Senate Democrats Sink Biden's Communist Nominee For Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova

There is only one solution to this: Open season on the DS, the Cabal, Communists, Globalists, and anyone who is in league with any of them.

#GinoJennings , False Apostle (calls himself an #Apostle , that office went away in the 1st Century when the New Testament was completed & God Temporarily set #Israel Aside and after the Temple Destruction of 70 AD) - who I wanted to debate Jennings for his Communist Anti #2ndAmendment stance & attacking Non Denominational Triune Godhead believers like yours truly, Take the JAB & gets slam dunked by

BLM Protesters Openly Call For Communist Revolution

‘I Am a Communist’
We’ve reached the point where a Leninist might be running our banks.

The #PatriotAct – still is amongst the most Anti Constitutional, #Tyrannical Oppressive Fascist, Nazi & Communist “Law” America still suffers under today – Pretend Legislation

Attacking Americans – Promoting Communists (Video)

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