As Refinery Closures Outpace New Construction, Shortages All But Guaranteed

GOLDSTEIN: PM’s massive climate spending fails to achieve promised results

Public Not Buying Claim Thousands of Cattle Dying From “Climate Change”

Climate Change IS disinformation from the government, promoted via misinformation. The fake news is distributed by ignorant Kool-Aid drinkers and freaked-out snowflakes.

BREAKING: Trudeau says GOP 'interference' holds back 'climate leadership,' and Newsom's California shows 'how to do things'
"We've seen it over the years, where a federal government is unwilling or because of logjams, or in this case, Republican interference, unable to actually move forward on the type of climate leadership that's necessary."

#JoeBiden hires #WEF climate extremist and #HunterBiden think tank employee as new “supply chain advisor” (we are in trouble my fellow Americans!)

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