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Any #Saints of #God & #JesusChrist , you #Bible Believing #Christians want a #Church / #BibleStudy that is totally #nondenominational , Non Affiliated & only goes with the #Scriptures , please bookmark & check daily as that renovation is 95% complete - - #kjv #kingjamesbible #textusreceptus

Christians: Help Your Country, Stop Hiding Behind the Phrase – “God is in Control”

Common wisdom sometimes is so readily accepted that even if it has taken a serious turn for the worse it is still received and repeated…

Memory Lane Might Not Have Been Perfect, BUT was Much Simpler

A summary of simpler days such as No cell phones. No Internet. Newspaper route. Neighborhood baseball games. AND THEN Cultural Marxism twists simpler days. 3-Paths to resist current tyranny:

1) Noncompliance to godless laws & unconstitutional edicts.

2) 1776 Path.

3) How the Early Christians ended Roman persecution path.


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