George Soros Warns Davos Crowd That ā€˜Civilization May Not Surviveā€™ Unless Russia & China Are Defeated

ITā€™S COMING: Elon Musk Warns Of China Take Over - YouTube

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White House ā€œClarifiesā€ #joe Biden's Comments About US Defending Taiwan From China.

Leaked Audio Exposes Chinaā€™s Plans For Global War


Refugees are being deliberately planted
in small, homogenous towns in Ireland
with no infrastructure or facilities to disrupt the natural order.

All these small towns need
- Kick out anti whites
- Border Walls
- Barb Wire
- Moats
- Guard Towers
- Community Patrol
- Community Security

The community needs to work together to exclude outsiders
Get rid of state council, non profits, churches and corporations


Is China too Chinese
Is India too Indian
Is Korea to Korean
Is Africa too African
Is Israel too Jewish

Then why does it ONLY ever apply to Whitey

#White #race #identity #Nation #nationalism #culture #society #homogenous #Ireland

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