Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
01 October, 03:56
He’s right. If they must resort to cheating it is because they cannot win fair and square.
John Burke @johnburke
25 September, 12:01
Radical Liberals Everywhere Discovered a New Way to Cheat – Just Change the D to an R
karen maquias @kiki
22 September, 01:46
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
05 September, 02:31
Women FINALLY Admit to Cheating More Than Men! (RGE)


* Jewysee -

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#gynocentrism #Shaming #Emotional #blame #simp #waman -up
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
29 July, 09:06
I can't believe the amount of cheating going on in Battlefield 1 and V. I guess EA enjoys killing off their franchises. #gaming #VideoGames #battlefield #battlefield1 #battlefieldV
John Burke @johnburke
08 July, 12:58
54% Say Cheating Impacted 2020 Election, While 50% Say It Will Blight U.S. Mid Terms via pamelageller
William J. Conaway @wjconaway
05 July, 02:08
Joe's Dependence Day greeting
A.F. Branco shows what notes are on Biden's latest cheat sheet
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
24 June, 04:19
24 June, 01:35
The #AmericanJournal LIVE! 🎙

Biden ‘Cheat Sheet’ Proves He’s A Zombie Puppet of the NWO:

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24 June, 12:29
Biden Given ‘Cheat Sheet’ That Instructs Him How to Say “Hello” And Sit Down
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
24 June, 04:39
Joe Biden accidentally reveals cheat sheet reminding him to 'take YOUR seat', 'YOU give brief comments (2 minutes)' and 'YOU depart' at meeting with wind-industry executives

President Joe Biden accidentally revealed a cheat sheet on Thursday in which even the smallest details were typed out in bold, ensuring almost nothing was left to chance.
Joseph Pittelli @jppelec
24 June, 12:25
Bruce Dullea @Bdullea5
15 May, 03:48
# I already knew Biden cheated. He said he didn't need anyone's votes to win. He said they put together the greatest fraud team in the history of man. My question is, when do we arrest him, try and convict him, and insert the true winner of the presidential election and others that were denied their wins? 🤔
Gloria Wilkins @TRUHSEEKER
18 April, 06:14
Bruce Dullea @Bdullea5
18 April, 10:43
#With the corrupted DemonRatts
They will find a way to cheat again in November.
Very strong Lady, & she doesn’t beat around the bush.

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