zoltan 4C™ @lobello
24 September, 03:05
Why don’t Democrats want Americans to know about Ray Epps, the only man caught on video telling people to go into the Capitol the day before January 6th?
TinHat Granny @TinHatGranny
23 September, 05:13
John Burke @johnburke
19 September, 12:32
EXCLUSIVE: Jan. 6 Committee Releases Alleged Violent "Walkie-Talkie" Recording from J-6 Protests -- BUT THEY LIED AND GOT CAUGHT - The People on the Call WERE NOT EVEN AT CAPITOL! https://www.thegatewaypund...
Imogene Frazier @Imogene
19 September, 01:16
Revolver exposed the inexplicable and puzzlesome FBI protection of known Epps associate and Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes: Location is in Arizona but FBI seems to be protecting and hiding Ray Epps.
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
29 August, 09:12
Gregg Huestis @GreggHuestis67
26 August, 06:10
I Found It #GatewayPundit ...Here's The Article That Says The #OathKeepers & #StewartRhodesDidNOTHINGWrong ...Read It & Weep #Haters !

zoltan 4C™ @lobello
24 August, 03:32
🇺🇸 As the American public, and the broader world, watched the shocking events of January 6 unfold on television and social media, a consensus quickly emerged among some academics, pundits, and clergy that the attack at the Capitol was religiously inspired. “Christian nationalism,” the narrative went, was the driving force behind the riot. Popular Christian historian Jemar Tisby tweeted: “Don't miss the religious elements of what's happening at the Capitol. They said, ‘Critical Race Theory is t
John Burke @johnburke
17 August, 12:44
The Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Scam https://townhall.com/capit...
Alfred Johnston @Alfred7116
17 August, 11:40
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
14 August, 03:09
Breaking! Man Drives Car Into Barricade Near #USA #Capitol , Opens Fire Before Killing Himself Man Drives Car Into Barricade Near US Capitol, Opens Fire Before Killing Himself https://sputniknews.com/20...
04 August, 09:00
Jan 6 Political Prisoner Says Ray Epps Recruited Him to Storm Capitol

William J. Conaway @wjconaway
03 August, 01:14
Bernice Halbert @Casper63
27 July, 03:08
F*** This Guy 🤨
Philly Deplorable @JohnM4480
26 July, 04:48
karen maquias @kiki
25 July, 03:22

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