Canadians express their embarrassment at Sockboy

Canadians Express their Disgust with Justin Trudeau - Most Embarrassing Leader in the "Free World" - YouTube

This is not a story about Ukraine. This is a story about a people, tired of their idiotic, Zoolander Prime Minister. Follow me on Twitter:

ZIMMER: Why is our Prime Minister Holding us and Canadian Energy back from the Global Stage?

Surge in illegal border crossings into US from Canada is 90% non-Canadians via@truenorthcentre

Justin Trudeau Just Confirmed His Hatred For Canadians

Justin Trudeau Just Confirmed His Hatred For Canadians - YouTube

Justin Trudeau gave a speech in Ukraine over the weekend and it's shocking the things he says in regards to Ukraine. Canada needs to wake up and realize ever...

Canadian families minister: Americans can come here to abort their babies if Roe is overturned - LifeSite

Trudeau's Biased Response To Protests Undermine Democracy & The Rule Of Law
When it comes to our rights, it would seem “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” doesn’t apply.

The Trudeau government relied on CBC’s fake news to freeze Canadians’ bank accounts

Canadian COVID Care Alliance destroys the ‘pandemic of unvaccinated’ myth - LifeSite

Canadian police monitored social media accounts of Tucker Carlson, other journalists during Freedom Convoy - LifeSite

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