Sick Video: Children Paraded On Stage At Late Night Drag Queen Show In California

#Bradleedean the#sonsoflibertymedia and radio --> Video; Standing Up To Corporate Tyranny!#California forcing vaccinations on disabled, special needs.

Bill Gates is a racist, his group says "people of color" can't do current math, like white students.

California Weighs ‘Equitable Math’: Goal of Obtaining Correct Answer Is Racist

Sanctuary State California: Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped Child After Failing to Be Deported.

#AlexJonesShow LIVE! J&J Stops Covid-19 Program After Deaths Mount as California Begins Forced Inoculations of the Disabled:

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It's not the gun, it's the shooter!
California TOUGH gun laws did not stop a crazy person in Orange tonight - Four People Dead in Orange County, California, Shooting

California had a bad week. We explain. Chemicals causing a problem all men will NOT be happy with. Stupid Criminal and Murphy's story close it. The Pod:

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BREAKING: The California Supreme Court has ordered judges to free suspects who can't afford to pay cash bail -AP

In response Deane McC to her Publication

If I were a Police Officer in California, I would have been GONE from that demonic State YEARS AGO.

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