We want to get that American exceptionalism back | Jim Lamon | 'America Right Now' - YouTube

On Saturday's 'America Right Now', Arizona Senate Candidate Jim Lamon explains how America can get back on track by securing our borders. Watch Newsmax on Di...

Former Russian spy details Putin’s LIFELONG motivator - YouTube

Jack Barsky, author of ‘Deep Undercover,’ is a former spy for the Soviet Union’s KGB (he eventually became a trusted source for the FBI, which you can hear a...

ALTRUI$M IS NOT CHARITY: It I$ How The KHAZARi$tocracy makes itself look good & feeeeeel good while enriching itself & dodging taxes!
Two popular (((globali$t lefti$t$))) show U.S. how it’s done:


The dark side of Philanthropy - YouTube

✉️ JOIN OUR MAILING LIST: https://www.abundantia.co/📚 COURSE & MEMBERSHIP: http://jointheorder.co/ (use code "YOUTUBE" for 20% off)This is the potential dar...


What the hell is going on! This is absolutely chilling with microchips injected into people tracking wherever they go. Displaying if they're sleeping or not, current location, even the CPU info of the microchip connected to the A.I. database.

The processor I bought from Aliexpress
- Ryzen 3500X is still on sale cheap in China at Aliexpress - AUD$222.44 + 2.44 shipping
- https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000217543768.html?

Should work in A320, B350, B450 FM4 motherboards

#aliexpress #tech #Ryzen #AMD #CPU #China #SupplyChain #artifcalshortage #GreatReset #Plandemic

America is Philanthropic! - YouTube

How many times have you heard that America is a racist nation? Oppressive? Unfair? Selfish? Turns out, that is FLAT. OUT. WRONG! @Isabel Brown breaks down ho...

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