- Stew Peters Calls Israel Lobby with Guest (((Laura Loomer))


MAGA + America First = Israel First Civnat Goyim Last ,
is finally falling apart after you expose the Zio shills, Duel Citizens
, kikes & Israel first traitors

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#APAC #CPAC #Congress #agenda21 #WEF #Plandemic #great -REset

Central Europe ➬ #hungary | Budapest
CPAC Organizers Chose Hungary For Its First European Conference Because It's "one Of The Bastions Of The Conservative Resistance To The Ultraprogressive 'woke' Revolution," According To CPAC's Website.

Orban Is A Key Figure For The Right Wing, An Example For The Conservative Movement Of How To Counter The Left In Western Culture Wars.

Orban Touched On Some Universal Themes For Conservatives: Gender, Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture And Censorship On Tech Platforms, Among Others.

Here's what I believe.
CPAC 2022 Senator John Kennedy


'Here's Some Free Advice...': John Kennedy Lambasts Biden During CPAC 2022 Speech - YouTube

(Courtesy: American Conservative Union)Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) speaks at CPAC 2022.Stay ConnectedForbes on Facebook: http://fb.com/forbesForbes Video on Twi...

🔥 Watch: Trump Slams Biden & ‘Corrupt Washington Establishment’ At CPAC 2022


DeSantis At CPAC: Florida Governor Sounds Off On Fauci, MSM, Big Tech & More


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