Roe v. Wade Kicks the Bucket

Leftist Judicial Activism has been OVERTURNED by Judicial Constitutionalism! TODAY, ROE v. WADE IS DEAD. Now voters in each State will be accountable if Baby-Killing continues. Prepare for Leftist violence with your 2A Rights:

Is Dementia Joe an Old Pedo?

Dementia Joe is becoming exposed even by his daughter’s diary as a creepy pedophile. AND the accuracy of the matter is in the Gestapo-FBI executing unconstitutional searches... MORE TO READ & WATCH:

Governor Calls Women ‘Menstruating People’ While Advocating For Federally Legalized Abortion

#Pennsylvania - NO EXCUSES! you do NOT have to vote for #RINO #Oz & #Communist John Fetterman - you have 2 #Constitutional Choices! Wake Up!

Here they are! Ronald Johnson (#Constitution Party)

#Libertarian Erik Chase Gerhardt -->


#America you CAN and MUST with the #CONSTITUTION #restoreTheMilitia - to save America you MUST individually start it LOCAL - #County LEVEL! Go to my Videos Website, - scroll down to #politics - 2 Videos with links you need to watch, study and take notes and act upon them, all lawful and constitutional! First Initiative In Restoring The Republic: Recognize & Install #GrandJury In Your County - Please do NOT wait until the #November #Election ! #wakeupamerica

A Little bit of History for all those who claim republicans, Maga and Real Patriots are ruining their a Democracy....
Cliff Note Constitutional Republic, Not a Democracy
Video created by: Myself!
Audio Was: Dan Smoot!

(((COMMUNI$T$))) Planning New Unconstitutional 2A violations ahead of possible SCOTUS ruling
#0urKHAZARi $tocracy

NYC Mayor Planning More Prohibited Places To Circumvent Supreme Court (Other States Too!!!) - YouTube

Join my email list: Website & Affiliate Links: https://www.gunsngadgets.comSupport GNG vi...

Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich just received the 2022 George Jonas Freedom Award at a sold-out gala hosted by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

PAPI$TOCRACY ALWAYS BREAKS The Laws It Makes: Form 4473 is an illegal, unconstitutional Firearm Registry & always has been. If you buy a gun today, you will be asked to use a computer to fill it out (searchable document):
#ForMEbutNotThee #0urKHAZARi $tocracy

Gun Gripes #334: "National Gun Registry Proven 100% Real" - YouTube

SDI: https://www.sdi.eduREAD AND TAKE ACTION: out that the ATF has been keeping an illegal registry for som...

Unless Americans continually take their Constitutional right to defend themselves seriously, the KHAZARocRAT Party WILL Take it! Seriously!!
Call 202.224.3121 & DEMAND The Senate REJECT Red Fag Goy Control & join
#GunViolenceIsLEFTI $Tha$bara #2AallTheWAY


Contact YOUR US Rep: YOUR US Senator:

WHILE NRA (((CUCK$ERVATIVE$))) Like “Tux” LaPierre cater to comrade Biden & hi$ fellow travelers, Gun Owners of America is holding the line on your Constitutional right to self-defense

GOA Spending Millions in Washington to Influence Gun Laws - YouTube

READ MORE: STORE: https:/...

The govt. needs to be held accountable for the numerous murders and fake shootings they play out just to take our protections away. They just cannot grasp our Constitutional & GOD Given RIGHT to bear arms. With us bearing arms to keep them in check they cannot push through their evil One World Government.

Sandy Hook = Fake video out there for all to find practicing for their big movie of deceit. Video out there with proof they are alive and well attending the Super Bowl game together 2 yrs later. Proof of photo group of girls that are dead all in high school . Then the photo proof of Obomber paying off all the actors/deads mortgages the same year they supposedly got shot to death. Shall we move on now to Texas where the next movie is playing out or maybe 911 when

The ANSWER to the Mass Shootings is (one answer) - #restoreTheMilitia

Go to my website then scroll down to the banner for my videos section go all the way down to Politics, there are 2 videos you need to watch & study on how to take your country back first on a LOCAL, COUNTY LEVEL! Everything is Lawful & Constitutional! Please do not wait until the November Elections, I appeal to you!

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