British Teen Raped on Greek Beach by Pakistani Suspects

Video: British Police Arrest Man For Sharing A Meme On Facebook

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair confirms Putin: In the future multipolar world order

Late insights by someone who should know: former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, at the time the main American ally in the 2003 raid on Iraq, now confirmed at the annual meeting of the Ditchley Foundation the very chief of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, in his assessment of future world development. Blair literally said, "The era of the political and economic dominance of the West is coming to an end, and the world is moving toward the concept of bipolarity and possibly multipolarity."

In this regard, Blair called China "the world's second superpower" and stated that the world in the future would be at least bipolar and possibly multipolar.

In the Western camp, the concept of

Video: Turns out fatty red meat is good for you.
That's why ((( they ))) tell you it isn't!,-and-what-they-DON'T-want-you-to-know-about-them:a


* Old World - Init Fasting + Skip breakfast + Distilled Water ,
Carnivore - High Meat , Fat, Mushroom , Eggs , Herbs = Healthy

* New World/Judeo-Western - 3 meals pre day
- Bread, Plants, Carbs, Fruit, Sugar, Grain = Unhealthy

At a certain time of year the British are called upon to:

"Remember, Remember,
The 5th of November"

Because that was the day an evil plot was thwarted for if it had succeeded, the entire course of history might have been changed and not for the better.

Now in America, we are called upon to "remember, remember the 24th of June,"

Because that is the day that a long-standing evil ordinance that cost the lives of countless innocents was overthrown.

Video: CNN’s Tapper Tries And Fails To Get British PM To Trash America

Covid Vaccines More Likely to Put You in Hospital, British Medical Journal Reports

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In response TinHat Granny to her Publication

For those of you who were with me in 2015 you will remember this was the last major Worldwide meditation to address the Cern issue which we did and was recognized by the white hats, so I don’t call these meditations very often, I only call them when they are vital.

Thank you for your service to Humanity, we are in fact nearly there!


Wakeup Meditation
Sunday 5th June 2022 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time (EDT), 10pm British UK time (BST)

Northwestern Europe ➣ #UnitedKingdom

🇬🇧 British Warships Could Be Sent In To Protect Freighters Carrying Crucial Ukrainian Grain And Break Putin's Blockade Of Black Sea Ports That Is Threatening To Cause A World Food Crisis. |

Civic Nationalism vs Ethnic Nationalism

* A Response to Tommy Robinson (Mark Collett/PA) [odysee]

* Jayda Fransen - Beware of fake Nationalists (British Freedom Party) [purgedtv]

#Civnat #kike #zionism #Mossad
#ethnic -Nationalism #White -Nationalism #patriotism
#purged -tv #Jayda -Fransen #PA #Mark -Collett

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