In response Christian Talk to his Publication

How does 'christians' that dont agree with state
deal with the truth, reality, bilogical facts ?

Do we vote or pray

Or find other solutions without the subverison, illegal, forced and methods that posion our minds

or just expect someone else to come along and fix it

Its LEGAL for women to take part in mass genocide/mass murder of babies

Its LEGAL for the state to steal

Its LEGAL for the entire system to wipe out whites

Not Wanting to Date Women Over 35 is “Ageism”

World Plandemic , Jab posion and Lockdown fucks over millions
- wamans most effected

#ALLWOMEN #femalenature #thewall #35 #AWALT #DNA #Bilogical #female #dating #modernliberaldemoracy #kosher

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