#BigTech Silences Top Scientists As COVID Narrative Collapses In Real-Time!

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In light of #BigTech Censorship, remember, I may not always be on Social Media, they go down at times, but 24/7, I am ALWAYS on the flagship website - I have 2 videos up on Restoring the #MILITIA and SCROLL DOWN to MY MESSAGE BOARD, there I will have any needed announcements so you all are up to date!

Better be good or else. The government is watching everything you do much better than Santa ever could.

#government #BigTech #Surveillance

Yup, Styx is for censorship. I think studying all that Occult literature really messed with this head.

#styxenhammer666 #FreeSpeech #Censorship #alttech #BigTech

Gab Censors JoshWhoTV By Shadow-Banning Their Gab Account

Alt Tech working together , just like Big Tech working together

#Gab #Shadowban #alttech #BigTech #bitchute #joshwhotv #Censorship

Here is my new video where I respond to Pope Francis calling the george floyd rioters good Samaritans, and calling on big tech to censor people even more than they already are. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and help spread the word.

#popefrancis #Woke #GeorgeFloyd #BLM #BigTech

And actual interesting article from the NY Times, about Facebook going down yesterday. The outage demonstrated how dependent the entire world is on the platform.

#BigTech #Censorship #Facebook #instagram #whatsapp

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Stop relying on Bigtech/Gov/Corporations

#BigTech #Fascists Were Banning & #Shadowbanning Me ( #KathyAmidon ) Before People Knew What It Was - You can watch NOW on My Internet Radio Station Website, Radio America USA -

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