In response Justin Derby to his Publication

Thanks for proving what Aaron Clarey said in one of his more-recent videos: America’s biggest, fastest-growing industry today is the production and distribution of lies.

New York Times Worries That Big Tech Won’t Censor Hard Enough During Midterm Elections

UK Drivers Brace For "Big Traffic Increases" Amid "Largest Rail Strike In Modern History"

#Fascist #Nazi #Communist #Tyrannical Pennsylvania Governor Tom "The Big Bad Wolf": We Could Confiscate Your #Guns Under Proposed Red Flag “Laws” Because Of Social Media Posts (LIKE HELL YOU CAN TOM!)

Big Twist Leaves MAGA-Hating CNN Employees Answering to the 'Cable Cowboy' via@WestJournalism

When I first Joined Truth Social, I had to verify myself with personal information and a code. I did, I got a verified user check mark in my profile. 2 weeks later they removed the check mark with no info as to why. So I have been back and forth in emails with Truth social, the last email simply made me feel like a No Body from them. Stating unless I am in a public interest group, or A Somebody Big and Popular So I can not be verified... WOW! That's one way of telling someone They are a Nobody! Shameful

Russia’s Small Nukes are a Big Problem for European Security

With Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, now is a good time to take note of a little-spoken-of, but glaring, imbalance between America’s and Russia’s nuclear arsenals—and how it could affect stability in Europe and the interests of the United States and those of its European allies and partners.

Pfizer Admits to Fraud in Court
Big Pharma Corruption, Vaccine Adverse Events, Injuries & Deaths, Vaccine Failure

The Jan 6 Committee Failing Big Time - Even Rachel Maddow Doesn't Buy It

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