BLM Founder Who Went on Property Buying Spree Complains About “White Supremacy” in the Housing Market

In the next few days major arrests will occur, along with their tribunals.
Within the next two months the Military will take down Antifa and BLM.
The banks don’t have any money, the Federal Reserve no longer exists, the bad guys are panicking and fighting back in many ways.

Shock Video: Texas Cop Defends BLM Activists Illegally Blocking Highway From Angry Motorist

#BLM Has New List Of Demands... And It’s Hilarious!

Video: Men Have Armed Standoff With BLM Mob Who Interrupt Their Kentucky Derby Dinner!

Democratic Racist Teachings (Equity)
1. Critical Race Theory
2. Implicit Bias
3. White Fragility
4. White Privilege
5. Christian Privilege
6. Social Justice (Distributive Justice)
7. Environmental Justice
8. BLM

Part of the plan to deconstruct America and rebuild under Marxism.

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