#GinoJennings , False Apostle (calls himself an #Apostle , that office went away in the 1st Century when the New Testament was completed & God Temporarily set #Israel Aside and after the Temple Destruction of 70 AD) - who I wanted to debate Jennings for his Communist Anti #2ndAmendment stance & attacking Non Denominational Triune Godhead believers like yours truly, Take the JAB & gets slam dunked by

Video: Pastor Bryan Denlinger: #kjv #Bible #BibleStudy - Holiness Self Professed "Apostle" Gino Gennings Takes The Death Shot! https://rumble.com/vp6217-gino-jennings-takes-the-death-shot.html

Scholars Confirm Jesus Always Fist-Bumped Apostles After Absolutely Roasting Pharisees

Pastor Randy Parker - Another #Sermon on Paul, The Out of Place #Apostle - #kjv #BibleStudy - On Now On My Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA - www.radioamericausa.com

Pastor Randy Parker: #kjv #Sermon #BibleStudy #Bible - Paul, The Out of Place Apostle Part 4 - on Now on My Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA - www.radioamericausa.com

#America 's #Bible Word for Today
#1Corinthians 16:2
Upon the first day of the week let every one of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him, that there be no gatherings when I come.

Paul the Apostle of the #Gentiles was taking up a collection for the Jewish Messianic Believers in Jerusalem as the Saints there had been enduring persecutions as many Jewish Saints were scattered.


Your #Bible Word for Sunday
#Romans 12:9b Abhor that which is evil;
#Abhor = #hate , regard with disgust and hatred

This was not a suggestion from Paul, the Apostle of the Gentiles, it was a command, inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The Spiritual Sodomites who wish to rail at me when I Hate abuse & cover up by Harrisburg & DC of me in 2018 @ the House of Satan Nursing Home, read this!


NY Gov. Hochul says vaccines are 'from God,' sends out her own 'apostles' to push jabs , more details : https://www.break.ma/news/33822845

Pastor Randy Parker - #kjv #Sermon #BibleStudy - Paul, The Out of Place #Apostle 2 - on NOW on my Internet Radio Station Website, #RadioAmericaUSA - www.radioamericausa.com - Please Donate of possible, funds needed to keep the site going - Pay Pal Button the Left Sidebar

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