Americans, You Are On Your Own When It Comes To Defending Yourselves – Just Ask The Victims (Video)

Psaki Encourages Americans Who Are 'Frustrated' by Dem Policy Failures to Turn to Alcohol

Cuban immigrant gives grim warning to Americans

Cuban immigrant gives grim warning to Americans - YouTube

Cuban immigrant, college student Justo Antonio Triana tells ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ he’s shocked by his peers' perception of socialism and seeks to dismantle...

(((BIDEN REGIME’$ OWNER$))) Pushing $CAMdemic Excuse for more 4th Amendment violations
#poliTRICK $

As many of you know I am on over 25 social medias to preach the Gospel & give the message on Radio America USA of Health, Freedom & Liberty, I added #Mumblit to that list and if you want to have more than 1 or 5 social medias to be on, follow me there -->

#America - This is for YOU, WAKE UP, REPENT & BELIEVE THE GOSPEL Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
Video: Perry F Rockwood (March 23, 1917 - March 7, 2008 (aged 90);- A Famine Of The Word Of God (1982)

Perry Rockwood - A Famine Of The Word Of God (1982) - YouTube

Another example of 4th Generation Warfare. Stop letting our enemies control our supply chain. China has already declared war on us.

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