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Jet Fuel Shortages Hitting US Airports:

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Russian flights keep arriving in Thailand, for now
Aeroflot, Ural Airlines and S7 Airline planes are still arriving on schedule in Thailand today as nothing has changed, thus far, as flights into Thai airports from Russia are concerned.

Report: TSA Allows Illegals to Use Deportation & Arrest Warrants As ID At Airports Across America

As I always say, couldn't happen to a nicer feller, lmao.. Now if they boot Don LeMon and Mr. Potato Head (no offense to the REAL Mr. Potato Head) Stelter all they'll have is their CIA asset Anderson and the whole network will go down.. They're already in the tank, they've been booted out of airports worldwide, hahahaha...

🚨 🚨 🚨 Red Alert!

#BillGates Warns Bioterrorists Could Release Smallpox At Airports

Borders ( n. , s. , Pacific , Atlantic & airports ) infiltrated . YOU must help stop this OR be enslaved .

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