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CIA Director William Burns said he is “very proud” of the agency’s analysis in Afghanistan in 2021 despite being blindsided by the swift collapse of the Afghan government and failing to predict how quickly the Taliban would take Kabul. #politics | https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/policy/foreign/cia-very-proud-afghanistan-analysis-disastrous-taliban-takeover

#NATO #madrid
(Ukraine is the Afghanistan of Europe ➖VOE)

MADRID — President Joe Biden said on Thursday the US will provide another US$800 million (S$1.1 billion) in weapons and military aid to Ukraine.

Biden had earlier pledged more American troops, warplanes and warships for Europe as Nato agreed to strengthen its deterrents, putting more than 300,000 troops on high alert from the middle of next year.


Thanks to Biden, Al-Qaeda Enjoying A ‘Safe Haven’ in Afghanistan Under the Taliban, https://gellerreport.com/2022/06/thanks-to-biden-al-qaeda-enjoying-a-safe-haven-in-afghanistan-under-the-taliban.html/ via@pamelageller

Government Insider Reveals Biden Administration Importing Known Terrorists From Afghanistan


Security Deteriorates in #Afghanistan as Two Bombs Kill Students in #KABUL at Hazara #Shiite Boys’ School - #Sunni vs #Shia - https://www.democracynow.org/2022/4/20/deadly_bombing_kabul_boys_school_afghanistan

What happened to the gold reserves of Iraq after the US invasion? Where is it now?
(This is what USA call weapons of massive destruction the petroleum, Gold, silver and money)➖Lol they stoled it and point, and killed 1000000 of population, and they say that they use humman rights....where are thos hummans rights....lol ➖ Ahhh the Famous bioweapons that Blair and Bush swear to the world that Iraq got,, they lied about Vietnam, they fcuking killed their own President and lied about it, they lied about Afghanistan, they lied about the Towers, they lied about Yugoslavia, they lied about Iraq and Iran,, the North Africa.. And now they wanna makes believe they speaking the truth about Ukraine.. Just saying.. ➖That looks like brass ingots, not gold.

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