Target Launches 'Gender Affirming' Products Including Chest Binders And 'Packing Underwear'

Top Biden Health Official: All Pediatricians Agree With Castrating Gender-Confused Children via@dailycaller

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Boris {{(Johnson))) the 'right wing' leader in UK
is Jewish not British/English/White


- "Am Jewish and am Proud"!:a


Would it be okay for Chinese leader to be Indian ?

Would it be okay for African leader to be Chinese ?

Would it be okay for South Korea leader to be Japanese ?

Whys it okay for White nations to be lead by non whites?

Why the double standard ONLY applied to white nations ?

#Nation #race #identity #government #NWO #agenda21 #2020 #2030 #melting -pot #double -standards

If only more within the Church would be this bold to preach the purity of the faith and its teachings and without apology.

In response Will Johnson to his Publication

Want to fix the city
* Remove Mexicans, Jews, Blacks from a city
* Remove corporations
* Remove central banks
* Remove UN, WEF, Stock Market
* Welfare, Diversity, Affirmative Action, Quotas

Biden Urges Parents To 'Affirm Your Child’s Transgender Identity' (VIDEO)

"The leaders of the United States, Germany, France and Britain announced their intention to continue military aid to Kiev."

"WASHINGTON, March 7. /TAS/. U.S. Chief of Staff Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared their commitment to continued assistance to Kiev, including military, during consultations via videoconference on Monday. This is what the White House press office reported after the talks."

"'They focused on their commitment to continue providing Ukraine with economic, humanitarian and security assistance,' the statement said."

"In addition, the leaders of the four countries 'reaffirmed their determination to continue to increase the cost to Russian Federation' of

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

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If your willing to ban SIN , then are
Christians then willing to

Setup a Christian only Community/town/city

- Race Mixing
- Multi racialism
- Porn + Gays + Trannies + LGBT
- Big Phama Vaccines + Jabs
- Muslim/Islam
- Birth Control - The Pill/Condoms
- Abortion
- Pussy Pass
- Affirmative action
- No Fault Divorce
- Yearly Taxation, IRS, Fed, Income Tax, GST/VAT
- Gun "control" (people control)
- Sugar, Carbs , Big Oil, GMO, Pesticides , Processed food
- Fluoride in water
- Chem-tails in the air

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