AOC backs an anti-police mayoral candidate, Maya Wiley, who pays for private security to patrol her neighborhood. Protection for me, but not for thee. #liberallogic

AOC Rejects $100,000 Raised By Conservatives Trying To Help Out Her ‘Abuela’

America First Conservatives Bash Daily Wire’s ‘Pathetic’ Fundraiser For AOC’s Abuela

AOC wants to raise your taxes but refuses to pay hers pertaining to a failed business venture.

AOC Compares Herself To War Veterans After January 6th

Without our Constitution in place, do you think Chairman Biden with throw all us dissenters in jail, to the praise of Comrade AOC?

#AOC in ‘Therapy’ After Capitol Riot, Says Lawmakers Effectively ‘Served in War’
"I think the #Trump administration had a lot of us, especially #Latino communities, in a very reactive mode," she says.

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