In the next few days major arrests will occur, along with their tribunals.
Within the next two months the Military will take down Antifa and BLM.
The banks don’t have any money, the Federal Reserve no longer exists, the bad guys are panicking and fighting back in many ways.

Twitter Censors, Locks Out Media Right News for Quoting Antifa in Headline

BLM - Racist
ANTIFA - Fascists Thugs
Critical Race Theory - Racist Indoctrination
1619 - Racist Indoctrination
Social Justice is Distributive Justice = Marxism
Excessive # of aliens crossing our border - Invasion
Covid, Education, Immigration & Media
ESG Scores, The Great Reset

Antifa/BLM Flyer Instructs Portland Rioters To “Rage” for George Floyd “No Matter What The Verdict Is”

#ANTIFA AND#BLM are today's Brown & Black Shirts of our generation's democratic fascist party.

Philly Police Implement Color Coded Terror For BLM And Antifa Riots Levels

#AmericanJournal LIVE: Antifa Identified In Twin Cities As Riots Escalate!

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