Wisconsin: "Anti-Semitic Flyer Mystery"
- Every Single Aspect of Disney is Jewish
- Every Single aspect of the media is Jewish

- https://odysee.com/@ZionistReport:6/wisconsin-anti-semitic-flyer-mystery:0

Notice they never say its incorrect or untrue
its just 'Anti Semetic' and 'hate speech'

#Flyers #truth #EverySingleAspect #everysingletime
#zionism #judaism #Israel #Jews #ADSL
#shutitdowngoyimknow #Wisconsin


Supreme Court rules 8-1 to allow January 6 committee access to Trump's White House documents: All three of president's SCOTUS nominees vote against him
'The Supreme Court's action tonight is a victory for the rule of law & American democracy,' the committee wrote in a tweet.

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