(((THE POWER$ THAT BE))) Want The Right Of The People taken away by countless hoops to jump through in order to keep & bare arms…
(((One of them))) alludes to how it’s already happened!

Project Veritas Exposes Twitter

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of #Twitter , the investigative journalism platform Project Veritas leaked damning interviews of two senior Twitter employees that expose a company culture defined by disdain for free speech, for efficiency, and for its new owner.

Strong Storms Possible Tuesday In Northeast Colorado - YouTube

Watch Callie Zanandrie's forecast.

This video link is from a couple days ago!

Manchin Opens Stimulus Talks | Is Biden Buying Votes Before The Midterm? - YouTube

Stephen Gardner updates his community on the US economy, stock market today, president Biden's plan to forgive $10,000 of student loan debt right before the ...

There's NO WAY Whoopi Goldberg Said this... - YouTube

LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day. https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelKnowles Elon Musk recently said that he would reverse President Trump's permanent...

RED HANDED: Ted Cruz Points Fingers At Who He Thinks Leaked The Supreme Court Decision - YouTube

Become An Angel Investor With As Little As $50 Todayhttp://getangelrich.comWatch The Free Video Above ^^Get more at http://NextNewsNetwork.com Sub to Gary's ...

Elon Musk Just DESTROYED Mark Zuckerburg! - YouTube

The War of social media has finally begun after Elon Musk's twitter take over, as Elon Musk has just banned Mark Zuckerberg's twitter account. Musk has been ...

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