#GinoJennings , False Apostle (calls himself an #Apostle , that office went away in the 1st Century when the New Testament was completed & God Temporarily set #Israel Aside and after the Temple Destruction of 70 AD) - who I wanted to debate Jennings for his Communist Anti #2ndAmendment stance & attacking Non Denominational Triune Godhead believers like yours truly, Take the JAB & gets slam dunked by

Joe Biden Threatens To Use Nuclear Weapons Against #2ndAmendment Activists


If you claim to be pro #SecondAmendment , YOU BETTER ADDRESS #MILITIA or you NEVER get my vote! If you are anti Militia, then you are a fraud and NOT for the #2a #2ndAmendment #GunRights

“Mamalitia” Group of Pro - #2a , #AntiVax Moms Under Assault Following Media Smears
'The tyrants have created women who are ready to go like it's 1776,' group proclaims on their website. #2ndAmendment - https://www.newswars.com/mamalitia-group-of-pro-2a-anti-vax-moms-under-assault-following-media-smears/

#AlexJonesShow LIVE: Puppet Biden Declares War on American Gun Owners, Pledges to Overturn #2ndAmendment : https://ifw.io/5uo

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