In response For Liberty to his Publication

To reject Agenda 21 2020-2030 which was signed off by 170 nations goverment in 1991

You would have to reject
- Multiculturalism
- Equality
- Liberalism
- Overseas aid
- UN Pacts/agrements
- World Central banks
- Israel first polticans, goverment, policys
- Anti Ethnic Nationalism
- Censorship 'laws'

Ready to name the choosen parasite ?

Ready to put wamans back in the kitchen ?

Just set up a URL that forwards to this page - please share with others.

To the people that keep on claiming its the NAZIS
or White Surpremist in power in White nations
which is pushing the World Plandec, UN Agenda 21, WEF,Great reset

Its Zionist Jews
Its Zionist Kikes
Its Anti White corrupt traitors

#Jewish #zionism #Israel #Jews #UN #agenda21 #2020 #2030
#CDC #who #G20 #FBI #goverment #statism #AntiWhi

Friday 15 Oct 2021 -
Australian Commbank + Westpac Central Banks
issue vaccine demands for 75k staff

#australia #WEF #Plandemic #agenda21 #DEPOPULATION #goverment #2030 #2020 #bigphama #state #slavery #centralbanks

Commbank, Westpac issue vaccine mandates - YouTube

Westpac and Commonwealth Bank have become the latest employers to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine in a move expected to affect more than 75,000 workers nationwi...

In response jeffhertzog to his Publication

Do Christians and the Church actually offer any real solutions from 2020-2030 and how to avoid White Genocide , Western Collapse and Agenda 21

or are christians once AGAIN going to stay
keep paying, keep 'donating' 10%, keep attending chruch and jesus will come down, snap his fingers and fix everything, so we dont lift a finger

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