In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and other christians/civnats are in denial Eric

Its not going to get better

Uniparty are not on 'our side'

170 nations all signed tax cattle up to AGENDA 21 in 1991 to be commissioned in 2030-2035

The PLANDEMIC was a sh1ttest for tax cattle were ready for NWO and we failed to reject it as a whole

Joe or Trump
UK or CA
AU or NZ

We are all onboard the same slavery statist system
We are all part of White Genocide
We are all part of World Corporate governance

Let me know when Christians have the balls to talk about race, nation, ZOG and the future and how to prepare for it


1991: When #America (Under #GeorgeBushSr ) Tried to Keep #Ukraine In the #USSR
In the final days of the #SovietUnion , the Washington establishment was convinced nationalism was a greater threat than #Soviet despotism
Flawed PCR tests and swabs mistakes common cold and flu as Coronavirus, which means that many of the cases should never have been counted in the daily tally.  They killed hundreds of thousands of people by denying them things like ivermectin – [despite] the fact that there were cures for this disease a month into the pandemic. “They locked down your country on purpose, which destroyed businesses and weakened the economy. #cdclies #FDALies #faucilies #vaccinekills #vaccineharms #pandemic #nomoremandates

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

They are all part of
Agenda 21 / 2030 / Depopulation / NWO

All 170 nations governments signed Agenda 21 in 1991 to be fulfilled by 2030

All in power are compliance in this evil dictatorship which will happen

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Agenda 21 was signed in 1991 if we liked it or not

White nations are in jewish hands if we liked it or not

White nations were ruined by Feminism, Globalism, Marxism and multi culturalism if we like it or not

Goverment is slavery if we liked it or not

Taxation is theif if we like it or not

Demoracy is not "FREEDOM"

Feminism, Multiculturalism, Liberalism,
Diversity, Woke, CRT is Anti White

What has the 'right wing' actually conserved besides
* Agenda 21
* White Genocide
* White Replacement
* Destruction of White nations
since 1991-1992 and before

In response John Burke to his Publication

Goyim wont own anything
and youll be happy

Agenda 21 was signed by 170 nations in 1991-1992

No one on the 'right wing'
has rejected it

Not Trump
Not Gop
not 'christian' groups
none of them

They are all onboard with it

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

What if we vote for NO ONE

No Govement
No Central banking
No Corporations
No Agenda 21
No Plandemioc
No Climate Fruad

When has voting worked for the tax cattle

What potlican, party or goverment has rejected
Agenda 21 2020-2030 from 1991 to 2021 .......


DIY Air Heater! - Brick-Pile Radiant Space Heater!
- Survival/SHTF Heater - 400F - uses NO electricity

#Heating #STHF #no -smoke #ethanol #bricks #lowtech

In response Theo Prinse to his Publication

170 nations goverments signed Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

The uniparty (left/right) has supported this for many years

No vote
We werent asked
They signed us up to this future

Voting wont change it

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

If voting worked it would of been banned ages ago

Just like Freedom of Thought, Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Region, Freedom of Speech and Self defense

All the uniparty polticans are actors

They are all onboard with World Depopulation, Agenda 21 2020-2030 from 1991,World Plandemic & 'great reset', etc

None of them have the balls to reject Israel, Central banks, UN or Agenda 21

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