Are you as amazed as I am that the FAKE “Right” is autistically screeching in celebration of the Roe V. Wade reversal in complete, willful ignorance of the reality 15 Cuck$ervative $enators cut their balls off at the same time?

#RedFags #GOYcontrol #2stepsForward1stepBack

ROE V. WADE REVERSAL Likely A Distraction, will be nullified if it was…
THIS Is The Real News it was meant to hide:

BREAKING: House Passes Gun Control Bill! Off To Biden. - YouTube

CALL Your Representatives: 202-224-3121Contact US Rep: US Senator: https://www.senate.g...

Major study: U.S. COVID lockdowns caused at least 170,000 to die

Here is the Corder version of my new upload where I announce the launch of my video site Corder, and the Broly555_TV channel that I created on it. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and check out my other videos.

#broly555tv #corder #youtubealternative #alttech #FreeSpeech

Clip - ((( Blackrock ))) owns all major pharmaceutical companies & weapons manufacturers
, as well as most mainstream media outlets & channels -

#Blackrock #Larry -F$nk #EverySingl3Time #foll0w -the-money #Its -The-J3ws

Digital Cypto has gone full circle

The Bitcoin Note – Secure, Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallets in Physical Cash Form


Ive recommended Community Currency Physical based on hours is the solution for Money
* Not Digital
* Not Electronic
* No Central Banks
* No Power Grid
* No Internet

Migrating away from the Multi National Central Banking Cartel
and International Corporation Governance is the solution

Physical Cash , Barter, Swap, Exchange, No state system Trade

* No Welfare
* No Taxation
* No IMF, Central bank, Corporations or Governments

#Usury #debt #currency #money
#trade #swap #exchange #currency
#community #Localis

#USA ➬ Michigan
───── ❝ WE DON'T HAVE SIRENS ❞ ─────

Catastrophic' Tornado Takes Michigan By Surprise

An Unexpected Tornado Has Caused Devastating Damage In Northern Michigan On Friday, Leaving At Least One Person Dead And Injuring More Than 40 Others.

Lieutenant Jim Gorno Of The Michigan Department Of Natural Resources Told CNN Friday Evening That The Fast-moving Tornado Caused "catastrophic" Damage As It Ripped Through The Town Of Gaylord Earlier In The Day, Including Flipped-over Cars And Destroyed Buildings.

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and other christians/civnats are in denial Eric

Its not going to get better

Uniparty are not on 'our side'

170 nations all signed tax cattle up to AGENDA 21 in 1991 to be commissioned in 2030-2035

The PLANDEMIC was a sh1ttest for tax cattle were ready for NWO and we failed to reject it as a whole

Joe or Trump
UK or CA
AU or NZ

We are all onboard the same slavery statist system
We are all part of White Genocide
We are all part of World Corporate governance

Let me know when Christians have the balls to talk about race, nation, ZOG and the future and how to prepare for it


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