Video: REMINDER: HOW TO AVOID #MRNA #MEAT! - The Fight Against #Farmers Continues! - The Solutions Are OUT THERE!
Video: REMINDER: HOW TO AVOID #MRNA #MEAT! - The Fight Against #Farmers Continues! - The Solutions Are OUT THERE!
REMINDER: HOW TO AVOID MRNA MEAT! - The Fight Against Farmers Continues! - The Solutions Are OUT THERE!
ORDER QUALITY MEAT TO YOUR DOOR HERE: Save 20% and get $15 off your FIRST order! Support your local farms and stay healthy! GET HEIRLOOM SEEDS & NON GMO SURVIVAL FOOD HERE: USE Code WAM to get FREE shipping in the United States! HELP SUPPORT US AS WE DOCUMENT HISTORY HERE: GET YOUR APRICOT SEEDS at the life-saving Richardson Nutritional Center HERE: BUY GOLD AND SILVER HERE: Josh Sigurdson reports on the massive global move away from fake lab grown and chemically produced "meat" as mRNA is found in meats at local grocery stores throughout the world. While we see a lot of pushback, we know the end goal. A CBDC with carbon and social credits attached. These credits will tell us what rations we're allowed in the Great Reset. Regardless of the pushback, if people are dependent on grocery stores and their bank accounts, the move towards food restrictions will continue and they will force you to eat their bugs, mRNA or mystery fake meats. There ARE however solutions out there and in this short video today, we give you two examples as countless people ask, "How does one avoid mRNA mystery meat?" Stay tuned for more from WAM! GET AN EXTENDED FREE TRIAL FOR ICKONIC WHEN YOU SIGN UP HERE: BUY YOUR PRIVATE CLEARPHONE HERE: LION ENERGY: Never Run Out Of Power! PREPARE NOW! GET VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS FROM DR. ZELENKO HERE: GET TIM'S FREE Portfolio Review HERE: And become a client of Tim's at STOCK UP ON STOREABLE FOODS HERE: OUR GOGETFUNDING CAMPAIGN: OUR PODBEAN CHANNEL: Find us on Vigilante TV HERE: FIND US on Rokfin HERE: FIND US on Gettr HERE: See our EPICFUNDME HERE: JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER HERE: JOIN our Telegram Group HERE: JOIN US on Rumble Here: FIND WAM MERCHANDISE HERE: FIND OUR CoinTree page here: JOIN US on SubscribeStar here: We will soon be doing subscriber only content! Follow us on Twitter here: Help keep independent media alive! Pledge here! Just a dollar a month can help us alive! BITCOIN ADDRESS: 18d1WEnYYhBRgZVbeyLr6UfiJhrQygcgNU World Alternative Media 2023
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