Mom Faced With Over Three Dozen Charges Involving #Sex Parties For Teens Assaulted By 5 Fellow #Inmates

It’s not clear why a California mother, who is facing more than three dozen charges involving alcohol-fueled sexual parties for teenagers, was assaulted in a Santa Clara jail by five of her fellow inmates. However, we have seen in the past that fellow inmates will often bring justice against other inmates, especially pedophiles, when the system will not do its duty.

Breaking 911 reports:

Shannon O’Connor, a 49-year-old mother who allegedly permitted 15 minor teenagers access to alcohol and encouraged them to engage in sexual activity at her mansion in Los Gatos, has been detained without bail since 2021.

At one of the parties, court documents claim that she gave a drunk boy a condom and shoved him into a room with a 14-year-old girl.

KRON-TV disclosed on Monday that this past October, a group of female inmates inside the Elmwood Correctional Facility attacked O’Connor in a vicious beating.

Erika Amaya, 45, Danielle Chavez, 24, Sophia Vigil, 35, Anita Quiroz, 36, and Marjaana Gardea, 28, are named as the suspects in court documents and are believed to have attacked O’Connor with their hands and feet for 16 seconds before being stopped by deputies.

The report states O’Connor did not attempt to defend herself. She was briefly hospitalized with unknown injuries.

It was unclear what provoked the attack.

While due process needs to take place, the allegations are pretty serious and numerous eyewitnesses as well. As for these other women, the question remains: Why did they attack her?