KTruth News @KTRUTH
23 December, 08:36
‘The Unvaccinated Are the New Jews’ – Don’t Let the Left Tell You Otherwise (Video)
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
22 October, 05:03
When this Yuma, AZ veteran saw some criminals pop in guns high -- he didn't wait for things to potentially go south.

“The Marine Corp taught me not to [mess] around,” he later said.
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
28 September, 12:19
Cute Meme:-
Justin Derby @TTOR
21 August, 11:25
35 minutes until party time
Patriotswillprevail Intheend @Patriotswillprevail
17 August, 02:18
I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! #outlawthednc
Justin Derby @TTOR
10 August, 05:30
Gettr has some explaining to do.
Justin Derby @TTOR
24 July, 07:14
Those of us who refuse to get the Jab are about to become the societal scapegoats for all the bad things that the establishment does to us.

#Jab #UNVACCINATED #Food #scapegoats
Justin Derby @TTOR
23 July, 05:28
When I try to log into Gab, I get the following error screen. Anyone else getting the same page when you try to log into your Gab account?
Finish The Race @FinishTheRace
11 July, 07:55
With the amount of heresy in the "churches" today, Christ Followers is a more accurate title for really saved children of God.

Those born again elevate the cross and live with Jesus as Lord in all things. The deceived live like pagans, show no signs of repentance and are lost.
Justin Derby @TTOR
11 July, 04:27
Justin Derby @TTOR
08 July, 05:38
Exposing the hypocrisy of Gab's head developer

#hypocrisy #doublestandards #exposed
Justin Derby @TTOR
07 July, 12:37
I’ve observed the same phenomenon
Justin Derby @TTOR
05 July, 03:59
I celebrated Independence Day by engaging in misogynistic and sexist behavior. It was delicious. Lol
Justin Derby @TTOR
03 July, 08:10
“dear diary,

Today I woke up and discovered that I’m a fed poster because some random loser on Gab told me that I am one. Since Gab claims to ban all fed posters, I guess I’m about to be banned from Gab. Today I learned that freedom of speech on Gab ends when you criticize Gab.”
Justin Derby @TTOR
03 July, 05:18
I think GETTR is going to be a still-born social media site when it goes public if these are the kinds of posts they're going to put out to the world. 😒 🙄