25 July, 11:33
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
Way to go, Bro; “approve things that are excellent”, promote whatever is good, honest & true. We are winning!
25 June, 06:22
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
Thanks for proving what Aaron Clarey said in one of his more-recent videos: America’s biggest, fastest-growing industry today is the production and distribution of lies.
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
29 April, 06:35
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
Torba sadly and Gab is become irrelevant, he will have his short following and his growth peaked, with Musk buying Dorsey and twitter out, some might go back, time will tell Justin!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
27 April, 06:30
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
whoever is on #Gab needs to point that out to Andrew!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
27 April, 06:11
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
God told Abram to do it, Ishmael was circumcised. Isaac was not born yet
Penelope Whitlock @penelope_whitlock
14 March, 01:56
I’m tryna keep me updated with this app
I hope it doesn’t seem really boring,same way it’s resulting currently
13 February, 12:10
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
THANK YOU For Calling This Out! God bless.
Conservative347 USA LUCK RF TAI PROGRESSO @Republic4nPower
05 February, 08:54
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
Thanks for sharing! Please make a video about this if you don't mind!
Conservative347 USA LUCK RF TAI PROGRESSO @Republic4nPower
06 January, 04:19
In response Justin Derby to his Publication
Thanks, man! Really appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed the video 😁
KTruth News @KTRUTH
23 December, 08:36
‘The Unvaccinated Are the New Jews’ – Don’t Let the Left Tell You Otherwise (Video)
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
22 October, 05:03
When this Yuma, AZ veteran saw some criminals pop in guns high -- he didn't wait for things to potentially go south.

“The Marine Corp taught me not to [mess] around,” he later said.
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
19 October, 11:53
And how is this supposed to be enforced upon men who are single and who likely will not have a female chaparone? Do they just stay home with mom until they are married? What about those men who have to work a night shift?
JoshWho__TV @JoshWho__TV
18 October, 03:21
JoshWho__TV @JoshWho__TV
15 October, 05:17
M E A D O W S - slow remix (short) - MrAmerican

#meadows #slowremix #vaporwave #music #getonjoshwhotv
JoshWho__TV @JoshWho__TV
12 October, 06:48 Open Source Preserves Freedom - Baal Busters

#baalbusters #seekingthetruth #joshwhotv #FreeSpeech #opensource
JoshWho__TV @JoshWho__TV
06 October, 04:19
JoshWho Live - CensorshipSuck - Fawkes News - David Hogg from Minds - SeekingTheTruth

#seekingthetruth #censorshipsucks #fawkesnews #joshwhonews #livestream
27 September, 10:32
Twitter Suspends Libs of TikTok Account For Exposing Duck Duck Go’s Racist Hiring Practices
27 September, 11:41
New Yorker Magazine Suggests Environmentalists “Embrace Sabotage” & “Blow Up A Pipeline”
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
28 September, 12:19
Cute Meme:-
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
06 September, 04:58
Decorated ex-Homeland agent: Americans more vulnerable today to terrorism than before 9/11
Eric Caron cites open borders, bungled Afghan exit and less attention on ports as major vulnerabilities.
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
31 August, 02:21
China's Goverment has forbidden under 18s
from playing video games for more than three hours/week

#goverment #region #control #Mandates #parenting #state
#China #commie #safety #security #chillins #family
JoshWho__TV @JoshWho__TV
26 August, 06:23
Demonization of the Vaccine Hesitant - JustinTrouble

#justintrouble #vaccinehesitant #theother #Globalists #joshwhotv
24 August, 09:59
BLM-Antifa Portland Press Conference Crashed By Black Woman
22 August, 10:26
Hypocrisy: Unmasked Pelosi Speaks at Maskless Democrat Fundraiser
Patriotswillprevail Intheend @Patriotswillprevail
17 August, 02:18
I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore! #outlawthednc
MAGA Television @magatv
28 February, 03:15
Please check out our 24-hour television network.
15 August, 04:16
Canadians Storm Injection Center Amid Massive Anti-Vaccine Passport Protest
05 August, 02:42
Baylor Prof Says It Should be a “Hate Crime” to Criticize Fauci & Other Scientists
04 August, 09:35
Wasn't it the left and democrats who were like we have to believe every woman who accuses someone of rape, assault, Sexual assault? ect ect ect when 1 accused Brett Kavanaugh? but they are defending that loser governor in NY?
charlie brownau @charliebrownau
05 August, 01:48
Andrew Torba Falsely Markets Gab
As The Only Place Where You Can Discuss Controversial Topics -
(TTOR) [joshwhoTV]

#SocialMedia #alttech #Gab #creationsocial #Censorship #FreeSpeech