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12 September, 01:59
I've posted this before and I'll post it again: There is no such thing as Judeo-Christianity. "Judeo-Christianity" is an oxymoron.

Christianity is the new Israel, established by Jesus Christ Himself. The Jews explicitly reject Jesus Christ as the Messiah. These two religions oppose each other. In fact, Judaism isn't even a religion anymore-it is a political revolutionary movement that started with the release of Barabbas and Jesus being condemned to death. #christianity #Jews #jesus #truth #RELIGION
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
11 September, 11:59
A video with more evidence revealing that there are jews that want to wipe out white people. Good message for Christians near the end of the video: educating children should be primarily done in the home-don't rely on the evil education system. #Jews #Christians #race #whites

"The Jews' Plan Is Working -- FULL Speed Ahead, Sept 7, 2022"
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11 September, 10:20
Medical schools are accepting more blacks and hispanics, than whites and asians, to fulfill their racial quotas. Dude, I don't like the idea of being treated by a black or hispanic doctor in the future, knowing what I know now. I would rather go to a white, or even asian doctor, to receive competent treatment. I bet even middle eastern doctors would be more competent as well. Scary shit. #Medicine #Healthcare #medicalschools #race #AffirmativeAction

"Medicine Goes Dangerously Insane"
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09 September, 08:45
I will be reviewing Andrew Torba's book "Christian Nationalism" in a video. For the longest time, this content creator has criticized people for doing a lot of complaining, but not offering solutions. Even if there are aspects of Torba's book that may be wrong (I ordered but haven't received it yet in the mail), I can at least appreciate the fact that there are some people at least ATTEMPTING to offer solutions to the problems we face. Pointing out a problem is easy. It's the easiest thing that ANY content creator can do-and its getting old, really old. Coming up with solutions is the hard part, but it needs to be done. #christiannationalism #christianity #unitedstates #America #andrewtorba
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09 September, 07:41
The JoshWhoTV version of my newest video is up, featuring the first mission in Metal Gear Solid V. Be sure to make an account on JoshWhoTV and subscribe to my channel. #gaming #VideoGames #metalgearsolidv #metalgearsolid #stealthgame
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07 September, 11:48
Haven't been able to post a gaming vid due to the usual real life shit. My 82 year old slipped and fell, but wasn't injured. The fire department had to come and pick him up. And a cop even showed up afterward to see if he was okay. Yeah, not much fun today. The area where my parents live reached 94 degrees F yesterday, which is highly unusual. The heat even made me sick. #gaming #VideoGames #Life #California #heatwave
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03 September, 11:34
I'm done with my time on Youtube just repeating itself over and over. Future video links will be to JoshWhoTV and Corder. #gaming #VideoGames #Battlefield2042 #joshwhotv #CorderTV
Youtube is not a Platform - YouTube

JoshWhoTV: #battlefield2042

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03 September, 05:45
Does anyone at EA Dice know how to make a good map anymore??? Why the hell are there cargo containers and massive verticality every inside the ship on the new map. There are even narrow spots in the cargo containers that players can fucking shoot through. #Battlefield2042
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03 September, 12:57
The comparison that people are making between Biden and Hitler is showing people's ignorance of what Hitler actually said in his speeches and in his book-Mein Kampf. Of how he got the German people out of degeneracy (porn, pedophilia, prostitution, ect.). How he developed a currency used by the German people that did not rely on the globalist banking system. Of how he turned around Germany in just 4 years. So on and so on. And also shows people's ignorance of history: there were multiple, documented occasions where Hitler called for peace. A more apt comparison would be Lenin or Stalin.

But today's history books won't discuss any of that.

#Biden #JoeBiden #Hitler #history #truth
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02 September, 09:44
My latest Zombie Army 4 vid is, finally, now up on JoshWhoTV. Be sure to make an account on JoshWhoTV and subscribe to my channel! #gaming #VideoGames #zombiearmy4 #joshwhotv
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02 September, 08:48
Notifications are now working properly on When anyone comments on your videos or presses the like (or dislike) button, for example, it will show up on the bell button in the top right of the site. also has this feature. So when someone dislikes your video, you will KNOW who did it!😁 #alttech #joshwhotv #CorderTV #Videos #notifications
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01 September, 09:29
My latest Zombie Army 4 video is up finally on Corder TV. Currently uploading the JoshWhoTV version. #gaming #VideoGames #zombiearmy4 #zombiearmy4deadwar
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01 September, 04:13
New video up with Zombie Army 4 action. You Youtuber viewers get to see it first. #gaming #VideoGames #zombiearmy4 #ZombieArmy4DeadyArmy #Youtube
More Zombie Army 4 Action - YouTube

Be sure to subscribe to the channel and share the video! :)Game: Zombie Army 4 (PC)

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30 August, 07:48
New gaming video up on JoshWhoTV and Corder, featuring the free-to-play game, Ironsight. Be sure make accounts on JoshWhoTV and Corder and subscribe to my gaming channel. #gaming #VideoGames #joshwhotv #CorderTV #ironsight #ironsightgame #FreeToPlay


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29 August, 01:50
Alt Censored Podcast 007-CharlieBrownau (featuring Josh of JoshWhoTV)
#alttech #joshwhotv #podcast #charliebrownau
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27 August, 02:08
The video is a discussion with Dr. Ardis concerning the new vaccines, and what they may be used for. Don't forget to make an account on JoshWhoTV and subscribe to Baal Busters. Also, check out the other videos on JoshWhoTV. 🙂 #COVID #Vaccines #covid19vaccines #drardis #joshwhotv

"Dr Ardis On Mind Control And Fauci's Farewell"
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26 August, 09:59
Bought Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and Spyro Reignited during the Activision sale. Sony recently raised the price of the PS5 in certain markets, so I have no interest in playing those games on my PS4. #steam #steamsale #crash4 #spyroreignited

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26 August, 01:21
So looks like Trump's company owes the company that made Truth Social money. Don't know how accurate that is. But as someone who cannot sign up for Truth Social, I'd love to see the site fail. #truthsocial #SocialMedia #Trump
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25 August, 09:10
500 views on my latest Ravenfield video on Youtube, after just two days. #gaming #VideoGames #ravenfield #ravenfieldmods #indiegame
Ravenfield Scrapyard Map Mod with Marksman Rifles Only - YouTube

Be sure to subscribe to the channel and share the video! :)Game: Ravenfield (PC)JoshWhoTV:

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24 August, 04:59
New Ravenfield video up featuring Scrapyard from Modern Warfare-but has marksman rifles only gameplay! Subscribe to my channels on JoshWhoTV and Corder! #gaming #VideoGames #ravenfield #joshwhotv #CorderTV



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20 August, 08:17
The Corder version of my video featuring Enter the Gungeon is up. Make an account on Corder and subscribe to my channel! #gaming #VideoGames #enterthegungeon #indiegame #CorderTV
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20 August, 05:57
New video up featuring Enter the Gungeon, which I've featured before. I've actually played this game on Linux, and I know it runs really well there. #gaming #VideoGames #enterthegungeon

"Friday Night Enter the Gungeon (Indie Game Showcase #2 )"
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15 August, 11:31
My newest no commentary Battlefield V video is up as well!
#gaming #VideoGames #battlefieldV #battlefield #RUMBLE

Battlefield V TDM in the Snow
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
15 August, 11:15
New no commentary video (Rumble Exclusive) is now up. #gaming #VideoGames #battlefield #battlefield1

"Battlefield 1 Shotgun Action"
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
14 August, 09:42
New Ravenfield video up, featuring the Nashir Canals (Battlefield 3) mod. #gaming #VideoGames #ravenfield #ravenfieldmods #mods



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14 August, 07:09
"Youtube and other Big Tech Platforms are Dying fast in 2022 – Turning to a 1984 Dystopian bot Ghost Town" #BigTech #Censorship #Youtube #alttech
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14 August, 02:58
This is a podcast I watched live on Corder. Yes, on JoshWhoTV and Corder, you do not have to pay to livestream or post videos. The videos are CharlieBrownau's side of the livestream (He's talking to TTOR, the host). They discuss internet censorship. #Censorship #joshwhotv #CorderTV #alttech #Minds

Censorship +Alt Tech Talk - TTOR and Charliebrownau - Sun 14 Aug 2022


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12 August, 11:30
These two Youtubers are examples of non-commentary gaming on Youtube. They demonstrate that non-commentary gaming channels can thrive seeing that there is a viewerbase for it. Different viewers are drawn to different types of content. Some viewers want commentary, others don't.

Apollo432 (649k subscribers):

Sab3lo (77k subscribers):

#gaming #VideoGames #Videos
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
12 August, 10:13
This is my no commentary gaming channel on Rumble. Yup, when bear doesn't feel like saying anything and just posting gaming content, this is where it will go.

I don't feel looking moving these videos I have on Rumble to different video sites, so my no commentary content is Rumble exclusive. The channel will have content from the Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Star Wars franchises, and maybe other games as well like Enlisted. #gaming #VideoGames #RUMBLE #firstpersonshooters
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
11 August, 08:43
My parents have a reverse mortgage on their house. And each month there is interest on the reverse mortgage loan. Yes, in case you didn't know that, there is interest you HAVE TO PAY BACK eventually on reverse mortgages.

So if you are an older individual thinking about about getting a reverse mortgage, keep in mind there will be interest on it that you WILL have to pay back when you move out of the house. In other words, the time you have left to live in the house is on a timer-especially if you take out too much.

It's just another way to kick seniors out of their homes. Usury in the United States needs to go bye-bye. #politics #Usury #reversemortgages #seniors #interest #loans