Stan The Patriot
6 days ago

I stand with the people of Cuba in their fight against Communism. #freedomforcuba

Freedom for Cuba from its communist dictatorship! #freedomforcuba Freedom for USA from the socialist, traitorous, criminal DNC! #outlawthednc Freedom for western civilization from woke leftists everywhere! #backtotheethic

The left is calling for the abolition of the RNC. RINOs notwithstanding I am FULLY against this. On the other hand, the abolition of the DNC... now THAT is something I am fully behind. Make this hashtag go viral. #outlawthednc

Already this year, has made important steps towards calling a constitutional Article V Convention of States. Check out the website to see the latest results.

@admin - I monitor 6 conservative social networking platforms. Twellit is easily the winner in terms of following and being followed, i.e. sharing news, aka learning. CloutHub comes in 2nd; their brand placement is annoying; Twellit's is anything but. Thank you for this fabulous Twitter alternative!

Dedicated to Mr. & Mrs. Biden (re. the recent dandelion story).

Source for story: personal.
This question got asked of a classroom by a high school teacher and was shown to me by a student in that classroom. When a Jewish student objected the teacher issued a profuse apology to the entire classroom for having shown poor judgement, but could not unring the bell.

America is at the mercy of an unelected "branch" of the government which consists of officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci et al. Join COS for a webinar on May 5 at 8 pm ET.
Our special guest will be Steve Deace.