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John Verd


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Part 2 of the interview with Patrick Wood about his recent book: Technocracy Rising

What is Technocracy- and why should you care? Join me for a candid conversation with author Patrick Wood about the very real and present threat of a New Economic World Order- and who’s behind it.

Joe Biden Has To Go! Impeachment or Removal Via The 25th Amendment!

Starting over from Ground Zero. Liberty Now On Air is now Liberty Now Podcast. The show has been dropped from radio programming but that's not going to stop us from exposing the corruption of Technocracy and Globalism. Join Liberty Now and say NO to the New World Order.

New post on When President Trump originally agreed with suggestions that it leaked from a lab, it was immediately dismissed by MSM so-called fact-checkers as conspiracy theory. However now that Joe Biden has made a statement saying they are open to the possibility, even the media giants are back-tracking.