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WHO Threat to National Sovereignty

Here are three cross posts related to WHO one-world governance power grab which is 100% supported by the U.S. Democratic Party (better described as Dem-Marxists):

COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche Of Neurological Diseases

If one you are one of the way-too-many Sheeple believing the lies told by control-freak Globalist Science liars whose ONLY agenda is to shove some kind of psycho Fascist-Marxist transformed New World Order down your throat – “WAKE UP!” -

Might The Jab be a WEF Tracker?

SUMMARY: … THINK ABOUT the WEF’s transhumanist aspirations for controlling human beings and the ever increasing science excitement surrounding Graphene Oxide Hydrogel nano-biomedical delivery systems before dismissing completely THE EXPOSÉ article and video as Science Fiction Conspiracy Theory thinking. REEAD & WATCH:

17,000 Anti-Fearmongering Scientists Say, ‘ENOUGH!’

IMAGINE! 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists calling Globalist fearmongering science hogwash based on politics rather than empirical analysis! Dr. Robert Malone leads the way. Below is a Bitchute version video of some leading Physicians and Medical Scientists backing Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity followed by a Dr. Robert Malone Substack cross post. WATCH & READ HERE:

The FBI – The Dem’s Gestapo Machine

Included in this cross post is a Bitchute version of the Project Veritas interview, A Bongino Show on the FBI corruption and as a bonus a NWO Report pick up of Jonathon Moseley exposing LYING Leftist Fact Checkers who criticize 2000 Mules data. WATCH & READ:

WHO World Governance?

SUMMARY: The World Health Organization (WHO) has been maneuvering nations across the globe to give up national sovereignty to WHO global governance in the name managing diseasing regardless of National laws in Representative governments. READ & WATCH:

‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See

I discovered The Patriot Post addresses the Dem-Marxist fears behind their blackout censoring and Internet attacks on 2000 Mules under the title, “‘2000 Mules’: The Film They Don’t Want You to See.” READ at TPP or HERE:

2000 Mules – A Bitchute Version

If you are a Bible-Believing and American Founding Documents supporting American despising the Dem-Marxist transformation into tyranny, TAKE HEED TO 2000 Mules! WATCH HERE:

Do YOU Trust Your Government? Their Science? Their Doctors?

I have three posts with information (That Biden’s new government Truth Ministry undoubtedly label as misinformation) I hope leads you to question your government so-called medical agencies and the doctors who follow such dictates:

4 Reasons Elon Musk Must Prove He's Not Part of the Transhumanist Globalist Elites

JD Rucker looks a bit close at Elon Musk/Neuralink/Transhumanism with wonderment of Twitter Free Speech:

Are YOU Ready for the Transhumanist Collective?

SUMMARY: … Transhumanism is marketed as a path to enhance human living for the better. It is the merging of biology with high-tech mechanisms. … WHAT COULD THE MARKETING BE NOT TELLING YOU? Once one’s brain is wirelessly connected, it will also be susceptible digital commands from whom ever or whatever controls the computer. … READ IT ALL:

Ministry of Truth – The Tentacles of Tyranny

Lou Dobbs and Tom Fitton discussing the Ministry of Truth on a Rumble video. Then the American Thinker examines the Ministry of Truth tyrannical aspects and the Canada Free Press focusses on the Ministry of Truth’s female-Goebbels in Nina Jankowicz:

Leftist Human Manipulation Examined

I ran into two posts dealing controlling what people think and believe and act. The first is from American Thinker sharing theory about belief-manipulation called the Asch Conformity Experiment. The second post is presented by Dr. Joseph Mercola which has three informative videos with his commentary interspersed between videos on cradle-to-grave manipulative-control of human lives focusing on the use of technology:

1984-Propaganda in 21st Century

The Dem-Marxists are going full 1984/Brave New World with a Propaganda Ministry tool dubbed the Disinformation Governance Board. This propaganda Board’s purpose is to tell Americans Truth are lies and that the Dem-Marxist lies are truth:

OK Gov signs bill banning ‘nonbinary’ gender on birth certificate

I live in Oklahoma. Thank God we have a Governor that comprehends God created humans male and female and NOT any crazy ungodly notion of multiple genders beyond God’s creation. READ ABOUT IT:
#Gen1 :27MaleandFemale

Stealth Food Chain Termination & WHO 1-World Govt.

There a harsher reality being hidden from Americans and the general population of the once-upon-a-time Free World? Here is some food supply chain & sovereignty information to ponder YOU probably won’t see or hear on the Dem-Marxist mouthpieces in the MSM:
#FoodChainDestruction #WHO1WorldGovt

Election Coup: Past, Present & Future

Today let’s examine 2020-Election/Voting Fraud/Crimes through the lens of the attempt will be made again and COVID lies was and is the vehicle to perpetrate the past and the future Fascist-Marxist power coup. What will We The People do? READ & WATCH:
#2000MulesCoup #COVIDPower

Hi all - Is this true????
[Hi-tech Discrimination Against Arabs]

Ari Bussel shared an email with which I had to do a little deciphering to understand the chain of who sent what.

Apparently a Pablo Nankin, MD sent a link to Ari Bussel and Zvi Raviv to an article whining about discrimination conducted by Jews in Israel against Arab-Israelis, Arabs living Judea-Samaria and among the Arab denizens (er I mean citizens) living under Palestinian Authority rule. Ari sets the record straight opposing the blatant propaganda in HAARETZ. Refuting the Left:

From SPECTRE to Woke Corporations

It’s another day and I am back with the two-cross post sharing scenario.

1) CFP article using the NWO fiction of James Bond’s SPECTRE: “Under Attack By Spectre--This Is No Drill”

2) Woke Corporatism: ‘Taking Away Special Treatment For Woke Corporations Is Not “Authoritarian”’

#FascistMarxistNWO #WokeCorporatism

Corrupted Nation & Child Grooming

SUMMARY: Here are a couple of cross posts…
POST #1 : Dr. Robert Malone writes about “The Corruption of our Nation.”
POST #2 : Robinson interviews Malkin on the LGBTQ+ movement grooming children into pedophilia/same-sex lifestyles… READ & WATCH:

Say Nay to Jab Tyranny

SUMMARY: The MSM lies about Jab safety. Our government science-agencies lie about Jab safety. Our government forces questioning doctors to lie about Jab safety or lose their license to practice. As a whole, WE THE PEOPLE should be disgusted about these lies… Here are science-truth cross post challenging the science-lies of the Globalist-Fascist-Marxist New World Order:

Dr. Lee Merritt calmly explains reasons why Dr. Ardis’s theory of snake venom in the water supply is difficult to make happen, BUT venom in Pharmaceuticals not dismissed:


Wayne Allyn Root shares his part in a Florida Event called Club 45, which featured two speakers: President Trump and himself. The focus: Puppet Dementia Joe’s handlers are destroying America. It’s good to keep the details in mind as the censors try to make YOU not remember:

MORE Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom COVID Exposé

SUMMARY: Until criticism occurs not based on lies, I’ll keep sharing Dr. Bryan Ardis who is sticking to his guns with published data that has not been refuted. AND SO I SHARE! WATCH & READ:

MORE Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom COVID Exposé

SUMMARY: I am cross posting the inclusive Rumble video of Parts 1 – 3, BUT FIRST I am cross posting a Mike Adams and Ethan Huff Natural News articles on Dr. Bryan Ardis and the heinous use of snake venom related to COVID … READ & WATCH:

Intro Remarks on Dr. Yeadon, ‘The Covid Lies’

Dr. Mike Yeadon PDF entitled, “The Covid Lies.” There is a lot to mentally digest if you are willing to believe actual empirical science as opposed to control-the-masses fearmongering science – GOD BE WITH YOU. HELP YOURSELF & READ:

What is Liberty Lost?

Imagine a world where EVERYONE believes the same thing, does what is told to do and questions nothing. If you are an old-Trekkie like me, that is the Borg. But what the WEF’ers are looking for are Cyborgs to manipulate….MORE TO READ:

Hope the Crack-Head Brings Down Biden Crime Family

SUMMARY: …Ask yourself, “From whom is Maxey fleeing?” Maxey is fleeing the taxpayer funded license to kill long arm of America’s Alphabet Agencies… READ & WATCH ALL:

Dr. Joseph Mercola posted this interesting title on his website 4/7/22: “Evidence of Pandemic and Bioweapon Cover-Ups.”… YET for me, the most damning connect the dots suggests bioweapons research is… MORE TO READ:

Introducing Dr. Alexander Deep State Alphabet Science Encounter

READ Dr. Alexander’s encounter with Deep State alphabet-science Globalist-oriented bureaucrats: