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John Burke


Happily retired and living up north

Airports are being stricter about masks than the government requires, by@AndrewLawton

UN, WEF push for insect meat consumption amid massive attack on global food supply

UNREAL! Teachers Union Contract Stipulates White Teachers to Be Laid Off First

Twitter thought police prepare for elections so they can censor political opponents #FOXNEWS

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Veterans Affairs says worker ‘inappropriately’ discussed medically assisted death with veteran - National |

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Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau on a hot tin roof
Is this a government or a travelling road show?

Rex Murphy: Liberal ineptitude reaches a new low with the great passport drought
The government solution to this travesty? Order chairs for the block-long lineups

Canada’s Digital ID plans “uncomfortably close” to Chinese social credit: report via@truenorthcentre

World Economic Forum adviser claims the planet no longer needs the 'vast majority' of the population - LifeSite

Twitter's crackdown returns on ‘misleading narratives’ ahead of 2022 midterm elections - LifeSite

New CDC COVID guidelines throw out quarantine, allow for benefits of natural immunity - LifeSite

'Worst in the world': Here are all the rankings in which Canada is now last via@nationalpost

Danish gov't to treat COVID as 'seasonal' virus, limit jab rollout to people age 50 - LifeSite