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PROOF Fact Checkers Are LYING About NBC Report On Hillary Clinton “Covering Up” Pedophile Ring at State Department via@realnewspunch

Thousands Of Spiders Appear To Rain From The Skies In Southern Brazil via@buzznicked

Biden Concedes Abortion Involves Ending the Life of a 'Child' via@WestJournalism

BOMBSHELL: Recent Conference Uncovered Between Government Entities (FBI, DOJ, CISA, and EAC) with Liberal Groups (ERIC, CTCL and Elections Group) and Corporations Like Microsoft - What's Going On?

The Insufferable Arrogance Of The Constantly Wrong

The media, and the people who work in and around it, the Blue Checks™ of Twitter, have upped the ante over the past few years regarding how far they are willing to go to enforce various preferred narratives.

After wasting hundreds of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars abroad, PM Justin Trudeau has returned just in time for a Canada Day photo-op.

The contrast between Stephen Harper's last Canada Day while in office and Justin Trudeau's modern travesty couldn't be starker.

A Canada Day family picnic that was to be hosted by Police on Guard for Thee has been axed after the City of Ottawa pulled their permit at the last minute.

Terry Glavin: The Liberals are funding hate. How else to describe the speakers at this Toronto convention? via@nationalpost

Biased Establishment Press Attacks Poilievre For Marching With Veteran, As Media Does Trudeau's Bidding Once Again

Pfizer Documents Produced by the FDA in FOIA Litigation

Government-funded school pamphlet calls Canada’s Red Ensign a “hate symbol” via@truenorthcentre

HUGE VICTORY! Supreme Court LIMITS EPA POWER, deals Biden climate agenda serious blow, RESTORES STATE AUTHORITY ON ENERGY

Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich receiving 'different treatment' based on political views, says Alberta MLA
Jean pointed out that Lich's treatment has been abnormal, and argued that even those who did not support the convoy should be alarmed by what's going on.

Canada's first Political Prisoner

RCMP PR official claims Bill Blair pressured RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki via@truenorthcentre

Bombshell Claim: Google Intercepted 100% of RNC Donation Emails on Biggest Donation Days of Month - for 7 Months Straight via@WestJournalism

Justin Trudeau Cancels Canada Day, Is Cancelling Canada Next?

Trudeau Liberals pressured commissioner after NS mass shooting: RCMP official
Scanlan said that Lucki was upset that the info about the guns was not revealed, saying that they had let down surviving children whose parents were killed by the lone gunman.

RCMP admits to remotely turning on phone cameras, mics of criminal suspects
This is the first time RCMP has even acknowledged that it has this ability, which uses malware to intrude on phones and devices, despite having had the technology for years.

Disney kids' show character: Men have periods, too

"Fake Stories... No Cross Examination, No Real Republicans, No Lawyers... Unselects Should Be Forced to Disband." - President Trump on Corrupt Jan 6 Committee