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Watch: CNN contributor annihilates Biden's 'disaster' of a presidency, questions if the country is any better now than under Trump

AZ AG To Prosecute Soros-Funded SOS Katie Hobbs For Rigging 2022 Election -

UPDATE: Elections Expert Reveals Over 550,000 Registered Voters In Wisconsin Have a Registration Date of 1/1/1918 - 115,252 of Them VOTED in 2020 (VIDEO)

BREAKING: CDC Study Just Ruined Vaccine Agenda

Jim Jordan reveals just who might be investigated if the GOP takes the House in the midterm elections

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Journalist describes President Biden as 'articulate and detailed,' but says this can be 'weaponized by his opponents to make him look addled and weak'

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COVID vaccines don’t stop omicron, another Israeli medical expert says - LifeSite

Despite CDC Director Walensky Obtaining Media Training Lessons - Democrats Now Calling for Her Replacement

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MIT scientist warns of major brain damage to kids from COVID shots

ACT NOW: US Rep. Kat Cammack Sounds Alarm - Dems Breaking All the Rules to End Free and Fair Elections Forevermore - Hiding HR1 in a NASA Bill - Contact Senators Now - List Attached

Minnesota Now Offering $200 Gift Cards to Families to Get Their 5-11 Year-Olds Vaccinated

Otsego County Judge Rules in Favor of Iron Pig Smokehouse over Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and the MDHHS

Fauci joins Xi at Davos, complains U.S. plagued by COVID 'disinformation'

Virginia's New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office

WOW HUGE: Police Turned THOUSANDS OF Attendees Away from President Trump's Rally In Arizona "There's No More Room" (VIDEO)

Top Law Enforcement Officials: Facebook and Google Made a Big Deal in Secret, Zuckerberg Directly Implicated via@WestJournalism

Civil rights leader blasts Biden and Harris: 'Progressives have hijacked the rich legacy of the civil rights movement'

Glenn Youngkin goes scorched earth upon entering office: CRT banned, parents empowered, vaccine mandate gone

Glenn Youngkin goes scorched earth upon entering office: CRT banned, parents empowered, vaccine mandate gone