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My Theme: Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Health Freedom! Survivor of Nursing Home Abuse from 2018-Discussed in Detail on My Website!

@SarahCorriher - Jonathan Pentland Is a Hero

Website Feature: Jeffrey Smith - Institute for Responsible Technology: Protecting You & the World from#GMO

One Nation Under Educratic Fascism?! (and Communism also!)

This week please be on the lookout for my Blog Article, it will be 5 pages, I am closing Radio America USA and other pages due to no donations, by the end of this week all or most domains will be forwarded to my Flagship website - after 12 years of trying to get funds for Radio A

#Bradleedean the#sonsoflibertymedia and radio --> Video; Standing Up To Corporate Tyranny!#California forcing vaccinations on disabled, special needs.

I will link the conversation from my#USALife page: the claim: New CEO of Parler wants to let George Soros bring a convention of states to re-write our constitution. Soros served in the Gestapo in Germany during the second world war. Would not let him re-write my recipe for lasagna much less the con

Say No To Public Education!
Profs argue LGBTQ-inclusive sex education should begin early, before ‘cisnormative values' become 'more deeply ingrained’

This Weekend, as We are now in Mid April, for me (being disabled/handicapped) to be able to continuing taking the fight to the enemy & Globalists, and to be able to post 10 to 20 articles/videos a day for you so you have the truth & full knowledge, YOUR support is needed, I again will unfortunately

For my fellow brethren & sisters in Jesus Christ, who believe in a Pre-tribulation Rapture as I do, you need to STOP USING THE RAPTURE AS A COP OUT & to be "Raptured out of responsibility!" You are the ones who ignored#Romans 13:1 - in#America, "We the People" are Romans 13:1 - the Higher Power,

#America, it is time NOW if you REALLY WANT TO SAVE THIS NATION, get in the fight literally, saying 'it is terrible' and just do nothing will NOT cut it, the Globalists & Enemies are counting on that! Those who are still on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook need to take on the Government Media Complex

Continue to#Boycott#FedEx - another problem with them, originally caused by Four Sigmatic Coffee, which I purchased Organic Coffee, pleading with them to use the USPS, explained to them that 2 years of major problems with FedEx & UPS there are criminal investigations & Civil Suits & Criminal Prose

#TulsiGabbard to#POTUS#JoeBiden --> End new cold war (against#Russia#China) before it's too late

End new cold war before it's too late - YouTube

President Biden, we need you to be the president who has the vision and courage to move us into a 21st century of peace and prosperity; ratchet down the new ...

Robert Scott Bell Video - Finally! The Truth About Cholesterol -#rsbellmedia