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My Theme: Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Health Freedom! Survivor of Nursing Home Abuse from 2018-Discussed in Detail on My Website!

Photo: My 60th Birthday Treat: Low Carb Dinner! 1 Pound Chopped Steak! added --> Sautéed#Onions,#Mushrooms,#Peppers,#Garlic, topped with sliced#Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese, Parmesan Cheese & American#Cheese, and 3 Over Easy#Eggs! Very#LowCarb Meal, Hello#KateShemirani - who is against us e

Photo for Monday! I have issues with this 'person' - was#Pennsylvania Health Secretary while I was abused @ Valley Manor Nursing Home in Coopersburg PA in 2018, Richard Levine (NOT Rachel!) & the Big Bad Wolf did NOTHING! Levine is responsible for all the Nursing Home killings during this Fascist

All my followers/fans/friends; when you describe to Kate Shemirani#KateShemirani your dislike of a plant based diet, she is on this website show this picture Courtesy of Yours Truly, ME!

What do you know about Raggedy Ann & Andy? (anyone on Facebook & Twitter need to show these to Dorsey & Zuckie!)#NoVaccine