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My Theme: Low Carbohydrate and Sugar Free Health Freedom! Survivor of Nursing Home Abuse from 2018-Discussed in Detail on My Website!

As we start a new month, please keep in mind I may not always be on Social Media, as you know there are times the servers need attention, down times and even big tech wants them gone, while your social media is down, others may still be up, but I ALWAYS am on my 2 websites, & my Internet Radio Station website Radio America USA - - On the Ri

#Epigenetics is the study of how your #behaviors and #Environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Epigeneticist Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude Discusses Aspects Of CONvid-1984 & #mRNA Technology (Video)

Are YOU Going To Allow Your State To Be Locked Down For Most Of The Second Half Of The Year? Will Most Of The U.S. Be Locked Down For Much Of The Second Half Of 2021? #wakeupamerica

When #corruption In #government Attacks Its Own People - it is on now - watch on Radio America USA -

Oops! FDA Accidentally Shows List of Covid Vaccine Side Effects, Including Myocarditis, Autoimmune Disease & Death

D-List Celebrity Michael Rapaport Triggered After Being Featured on Banned.Video

Man Facing Federal Charges for Allegedly Sending Threatening Emails to Dr. Anthony #Fauci and Dr. Francis Collins at the National Institutes of Health - #NIH -

#KateShemirani On Parkinson's, Nose Brain Link, & #supplements To Take If You Got The CONvid-1984 Shot - #COVID - On now on Radio America USA -

#BigTech #Fascists Were Banning & #Shadowbanning Me ( #KathyAmidon ) Before People Knew What It Was - You can watch NOW on My Internet Radio Station Website, Radio America USA -

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